Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Haircuts, family and fun

Nora's hair before we went to NY

Nora's hair after we went to NY
We are finally back from our 11 day trip to NY. We were supposed to be back Sun. night but got delayed and came back Mon. night instead. It was so great to be back to see my family and friends. We did lots of fun things.

First things first, haircuts. We all got 'em. Thanks Bev!!!

Then an overnight at Loon Lake at Uncle Mark's camp. (Aunt Maura's too) Katie and Brynna did a great job keeping Emma occupied and entertained. Mim and Aunt Maura watched Nora and Alex and I relaxed. Very nice. Lots of boat riding, lake swimming, sand playing, smores eating and fun.

We went back to Mim and Grandfather's and saw all of our friends, the Wilsons, the Dischiavos, the Martinovich/Fitzpatricks, the Corrs, the O'Sheas, the Lawrences. Fun fun. Alex and I got out to eat, saw a movie and I got a girls night with Jen, Amy and Erin.

Now we are back to the rain. and chores. and taking care of my kids by myself! It is so nice to let Mim take over (and I get to read a book).

Emma starts school in 1 week!!!!! Very exciting.
Thanks for checking in

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