Monday, August 11, 2008


So Nora had her EEG last Wed. It went fine. We had to wake her up early (they said 4 am) around 5:30 am. She had a busy day, we went to a park for a field trip with her class then had lunch. She was nice and tired by 1 pm.

It takes about 30 minutes, maybe more, to get all the electrode things on her head. She screamed, not whimpered or cried but SCREAMED the entire time. I thought she was going to make herself throw up she was so upset. They have to swaddle her in a big blanket because she fights so hard to get away so she was all sweaty. 1st they have to measure and mark her head, then clean the spots then they finally attach the things on her head and THEN they wrap her head in gauze. Not fun for any of us. Then the expect her to be able to sleep with all this stuff on her head. She actually fell asleep within a minute of sitting on my lap. Poor girl. Tuckered her right out. She slept for 1/2 hour or so then we had to wake her up to take everything off again. Huh. Hopefully the results will be good and we can finally get her med free. We don't hear anything until we meet the nuero in Sept. This could be her last EEG for a long time. Yippie!

Emma's 5th bday is Thurs. We had her party on Sat. She had a lot of fun and got lots of nice presents from her friends.

So we are off to NY on Friday for 10 days so I probably won't post anything for a while.

Hope all is well!!!


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