Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and such

Nora and Emma had a fun Halloween. Mim and Grandfather were here for a week visiting so it was extra fun. Nora was a ballerina (we tried a fireman and princess but she wouldn't stand the costumes) and Emma was Princess Leia. Our friend Dylan was Spidy. Nora got the hang of going up the steps to get a treat. Once she figured out that candy was involved, she was all in. But she did want to run into every house we came to. And the rain stayed away. Phew.
It was a very busy week. A trip to the pumpkin farm and corn maze (which took forever to find our way out), haircuts for all, basement projects, visits to the girls' schools, and lots of love from Mim and G-father.
School is going well. Nora is learning new things everyday. She now has about 10 words (some are just approximations-mo for more and la for light). But she is trying to communicate her wants and needs. Big progress. Still doesn't call me Mama, although she CAN say mama, just not to me. Grr.. Gaga is Dada and Emma is clear as day. Someday soon I hope.
She is starting to give up naps somewhat. If she sleeps too long during a nap, she gets up at the crack of dawn so I am trying to figure the whole sleep thing out.
Other than that, we are pretty much doing the daily grind. School, speech, play, sleep and eat. She is a happy happy girl.
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Zeth said...

Just lettin you know that I've been following along . . .
(I'm actually an official "follower" now)
Go Nora!