Sunday, November 23, 2008


We all are pretty sick around here. It started last week with Nora having a marathon puke-a-thon Tues. night. I was up every hour changing her crib. Emma stayed home Thurs. and I have laryngitis since then. Of course we had 2 events this weekend- Emma's school's auction Friday and Karaoke last night. Needless to say I was NOT singing. (Our friend Kevin rocked the Barry Mantilo though) I am sure if I had not been talking non stop my voice might have returned.

Nora is feeling fine now. She has started to get really frustrated because she can't communicate with us. If she wants something or is upset, she moans, cries, whines and throws a fit until she gets it. We have to figure out some way for her to tell us what she wants. She doesn't use PECS or use that many signs so it makes it hard for us to understand her.

Emma's parent/teacher conference is tomorrow so we'll see how Kindergarten is going for Emma.

Thanks for checking in!! Off to make pancakes.


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