Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ollie our dog

There has been an explosion of learning and language over the past few weeks. Nora is a non stop chatter box. She points to everything and labels it. House, shirt, car, bird, shoe, Ollie, monkey, cat, Mommy, anything she doesn't know she wants to know the word for it. She is counting up to 20 and is pretty good at colors. She yells for me from everywhere in the house- Mommy! Mommy? Mommy! Hello Mommy. Hello.

She loves her "fends" at school. They have placemats with everyone's pictures on it and she points to all the pictures then to the friend and says their names. Her favorite is Dorian. A very cute little guy in her class. But she knows everyone even if she can't say their name.

Nora and I have a game where I'll ask her to "Say.... and then a word." She now goes around and says to me "Mommy, say..... Dorian, waits for me to say it and then say.....Victor", and so on. (and on and on)

We were singing the hokey pokey today and at the very end she yelled "Pokey". I didn't even think she knew the game. She used to play it but I have never seen her participate. And then she wanted to tell us what to sing, foot, head, elbow. That is a huge concept. She does the same thing with Old MacDonald. We wait for her to insert the animal (usually either cow or cat) and then we finish the song.

Emma is feeling under the weather. There is a bug going around her school and she has a 103.5 temp today so will probably have a stay home day tomorrow. She has napped all day which probably means up all night. Fun fun. Hopefully it won't turn into a puke fest.

My mom (hi Bev!) starts chemo soon so please send some good thoughts her way. And if you are a praying kind of person, maybe a prayer or two. She is very positive and upbeat so I hope she breezes through her treatments without any sickness. We love you!!

Thanks for checking in


Kristina said...

To all reading here:
I take full responsibility for exposing your girls to that stupid bug! Tessa went downhill after the Friday playdate with Emma, and it was a rough weekend, but in better news, she seems to have turned a corner today....we're still home, but doing better....

So sorry about the exposure! I couldn't predict it, but I do feel bad about it.

And Nora - she is a CHANGED GIRL! My goodness she IS a chatterbox. It makes me smile just thinking about it. :-)

Kristina said...

And Bev - thoughts and prayers flying your way. They have such good anti-emetics (YAY for Emend! I never threw up during chemo, ever, and I am deeply grateful for that) these days....I hope Bev breezes through.