Sunday, March 29, 2009


Here are some random photos of the girls. We went to the Seattle Aquarium a few weekends ago. Nora did pretty well. It's not as stressful taking her to crowded places anymore. She actually looked at some of the displays.

We are also taking a music class on Wednesdays-Kindermusik. She is starting to join in on the group activities and follow along with hand motions etc. The first few classes she just ran around the room saying Hi to everyone. Now she'll sit and follow along for most of the class.

She talks non stop, all day long. She'll talk over you if you are talking so you'll pay attention to her. She's very loud. And does not like to be ignored. If I am on the computer she'll just yell -"Sit, up, sit, mommy, sit, sit sit, sit......" until I go nuts and let her sit with me. Then she'll mess with the keyboard while I'm typing. Little stinker. And she loves the computer. Her teacher sent us a link to see pictures of her class and video clips. She'll ask to watch it over and over and over. She'll sit here and name every kid in the class while their pictures are on the slideshow.

Nothing else exciting going on here. The girls have next week off for spring break and we are staying home. There is no music, ballet or speech all week. It is going to be a loooooonngggg week. We like our schedules. Or at least I do.

Thanks for checking in


Zeth said...

Hey Lor & Alex-

Great pics! So glad to hear Nora's doing better (even if she's a bit more "proactive" and "in your face", my favorite marketing terms) She and Emma look awesome. Glad to hear the school stuff worked out for N.
Also, though I'm not much a praying person, I think we can manage one or two words of encouragement to send upstairs for Bev. Hope she's doing well. My best to everybody out there. I'll give a call when I have a bit of time . . .


Jennifer Cummins said...

Nora seems to be doing well. Keep her in the music class; auditory processing increases the connections in her brain, as does any midline activity, that promotes eye tracking, coordination, swinging her arms back and forth, batting a ball, (even if you have to do this for her, like playing and singing at the same time). Please see my article, "Tapping into the Senses" at my website, Sensory Integration is what you need to be doing with Nora, for her to optimally develop connections and hardwire them. Get her out in the grass, have her touch textures, water, bouncing, rolling, smelling candles, eating different foods. Oh, there is so much you can do! and this is the time to be doing it! Before 7 years of age. Push for PT, OT, SLP, even a nutritionist. Have her see an endocrinologist; she may have some sort of adrenal deficiency, which may be bringing on the seizures, due to an imbalance of electrolytes in her system. My son has CAH; he does not produce cortisol or fludrocortisone (the stress hormone and the salt retaining hormone). Please take my advice. It is vital for Nora's success. :)