Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Short Bus

Waiting for the bus-not so happy.

On the bus-seems OK.

Big girl on the bus to school.

I remember in junior high when people would make fun of the not so popular kids by saying they ride the "short bus". People still use the term as adults I am sure. Basically if you ride the short bus, there is something mentally wrong with you. Almost as bad as being called retarded.

My kid rides the short bus. There you go.

She is now officially taking the bus to school. On Monday, I rode with her. The bus driver, Brian, was trying out the route and picked her up 1st and we were on for an HOUR. Not so good. Today he picked her up last so she should only be on for about 20 minutes. And she'll only take it M/W/F for now. And only to school. Maybe someday she'll take it home.

Nora loves buses. And she was fine getting on the bus but I don't think she likes the seat belt, even though it is a 5 pt. harness like her car seat. Hopefully, she'll learn to love the bus because it will really make my life a tad bit easier and not so much like a chauffeur. I will still pick her up everyday.

She is doing great. Her speech improvements are enormous. She can say almost anything and wants to know what everything is. She is still only putting 2 words together spontaneously. But she is able to tell us what she wants. So awesome. It gives us so much hope that she'll be able to talk sooner than later.

She is fitting right in at preschool. She can say all of her friends names (kinda). I think she likes it. She still has to take breaks and she doesn't always participate appropriately (yesterday they played musical chairs and she had no clue what she was supposed to do) but she had fun.

Alex is in CO until Friday so I'm flying solo once again. I got away for a night with some moms from the EEU on Sat. We went to San Juan island for an overnight. It was so nice to get away. And to be with moms who have kids with special needs is nice too. We all know what we are feeling even though some kids have more severe delays and some minor, it is still helpful to be able to talk about it.

Emma is doing great. She is keeping me busy too. Ballet, swim lessons and play dates. She's a good girl.
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