Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big First Grader

Emma started her new school yesterday. First grade. She didn't seem too undone about starting a new school. She didn't have much to say when she got home. It's like pulling teeth to try to find out what she does all day. She doesn't really understand the whole uniform thing. "Why can't I wear purple tights, flip flops and a flowered shirt with my skirt?" She has a very interesting style. But I am sure she'll get used to it.

And we all have to get used to an early start to our day. Emma's school starts at 8:25 and Nora's starts at 8:45 so her bus will probably pick her up about 8. That means I have to get up earlier. Ug.

Nora gets to go in 3 more weeks. Can't wait!

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