Thursday, October 29, 2009


We went to a costume party last weekend. Alex and I were the local burger joint- burger flippers. Emma was Hermione Granger and Nora was a grumpy witch. She refused to wear a hat and the dress kept riding up. We are hoping to have her be Old MacDonald/farmer on Sat. She has a farmer hat she'll wear and I ordered some overalls and got her a checked shirt. Hopefully the overalls will show up today. If not, she'll just be in orange and black. She could care less about a costume.

I went on a field trip with Emma's class yesterday to another pumpkin patch. Nora has a costume parade at school tomorrow and Emma's class is having a Halloween party. Sat. Emma has ballet then the local businesses have a trick or treat during the day. Then out to the neighborhood Sat. night. Busy busy busy. Never ending Halloween.

Hope everyone has a candyrific holiday!


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