Monday, September 17, 2007

Back to school

Nora went back to school today. She gets one on one services M/W from 11:30-1:20. It seems to conflict w/her nap and lunch schedule but hopefully it will work out eventually. She will also go T/Th from 9-10:30 for playgroup. She will receive OT/PT and speech within that time. The teachers who worked with her last year but did not see her over the summer saw tons of improvement in eye contact and motor skills. That was good to hear.

Since I'll have some free time while she's in class, I plan on getting some walks in while she is there to get some exercise. (hopefully)

Emma is adjusting to her new preschool. It's hard to get any information out of her but she seems to like it ok.

Nora's diarrhea/diaper rash is still pretty bad so we went back to the doctors and got some stool sample vials. yummmm... If it turns out that the Lamictal is causing this problem, we'll have to wean her off of it over the next few weeks to see if her poop gets better. Hopefully that is not the case b/c we want her off the Zonegran and on the Lamictal. The nurses at the dr. office also commented on how great Nora looks (not a huge blubber baby anymore) and how well she is walking etc. Also nice to hear.

Alex leaves for a trip to China tomorrow and will be gone for a week. Hopefully, we'll all stick to our schedule and take long naps. And no more trips to the doctor!

Thanks for checking in!


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