Friday, September 21, 2007

Lamictal not working

Nora still has chronic diarrhea which gives her a terrible diaper rash. We tested her poop to see if she has some kind of virus but nothing showed up. The only other thing could be her meds. SO we are going to now wean her off of the Lamictal over the next 3 weeks to see if her poo issues get better. If that isn't it, then I guess we start seeing if she is allergic to dairy or some other foods. Grrr..... I am getting frustrated at having to change icky diapers every 20 minutes but poor Nora must feel awful too. I hate having to put her through all this.

Nora had a good first week at school. It was full of long days and some weird nap schedules but she did it. Hopefully it will get easier. Emma had a bit of a rough week too. Alex went to China on Tuesday so she is a bit sad for her daddy. We had a fun dinner date with our friends last night so that was a good thing for all of us! Thanks for the yummy dinner Gretch!

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dark_one said...

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I have experienced some of these side effects-
Following conversion from tegretol and Zonegran, I began on 400 mg Lamictal. Bad dreams followed with sleep talking and thrashing during dreams. This turned into more vivid short dreams in which I could not discern dreams from reality. I have contacted my Dr asking permission to take the meds earlier and he concurred to try them 4 hrs earlier. HE is leaning toward changing the meds. After laying out a lot of $ for a 3 month supply, I am reluctant to change meds as I am tight on $....

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