Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's official....

I think I can officially say that Nora has said "mamamama" in reference to me. When I picked her up from class last week her teacher said "There's mama!". Nora ran over to me saying "mamamamama". I wasn't sure if she was just repeating or if she really knew she was talking about me. But I took it anyway. Then today, I picked her up from the Y daycare and as soon as she saw me she ran over saying "mamamama". SO I think it is official. She knows who I am!!!! Yay Nora!

So her 1 year anniversary has come and gone. She has been seizure free for 1 year. I am so glad we never had to deal with any reoccurring seizures. There are so many kids out there who have Infantile Spasms and are still dealing with seizures everyday, multiple times a day. Nora is very luck that the 1st medication we tried got rid of them. PHEW. And she is doing great. She is happy and progressing everyday and we are all starting to feel back to "normal" again.

We will never be a typical family because Nora has special needs but at least the medical nightmare is over. Knock on wood. So on to bigger and better things. Like talking. And kindergarten for Emma next year! Yikes. Have a great day.

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sammi said...

I check yours daily too :)