Thursday, July 5, 2007

Autism Center

Nora had an "evaluation" at an autism center. The doctor was very nice and informative but we didn't really find out anymore than we already know. She does have autistic behaviors but that may be due to her brain malformations. If she does get diagnosed w/autism, it won't be until she's about 2 yrs. old. The dr. also mentioned one other avenue we could try to get her some services to help her development. But beyond that, it was just another doctor appointment for Nora.

We all had fun watching the fireworks last night. By all I mean Alex and I. Emma watched w/her hands clamped over her ears and Nora slept through the whole thing.

Nothing too exciting for our 5th yr. wedding anniversary. We ordered Thai food and called it good. I guess for 5 years you are supposed to give wood products. I'll give Alex some 2x4's so he can finish the basement playroom project and he can give me some new wooden spoons. Very romantic.

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