Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weekend getaway

We're off to the Oregon coast w/ our friends Lisa, Tian and Lucas. We'll be back on Monday. Have a great weekend.


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Mary Reihs said...

Hello Lori,
I ran into your parents at the Golf Course the other day. We were catching up and they told me about Nora and your site. I did not know what you all were going through. I can only imagine the emotions you must feel at different times.
I love the first picture, eeg hair.
I Hope that you enjoyed your weekend getaway. We are leaving for Cape Cod Saturday for the week but, I will check your site frequently to see your updates. Know that you now have a few more people sending up some prayers for all of you.
Take care and if I can ever do anything, please let me know.
Take care,
Mary Reihs.