Monday, July 2, 2007


Nora had her EEG today. We won't have the results for a few days but hopefully she'll pass w/flying colors. She hasn't had a seizure that I know of since the end of April. She still has to take some of her other meds (not injections) for at least another month but hopefully that will be it.

Nora also started summer school today. She's in the same class as during the year except she won't have an aide to help her. She's a big girl now, very independent.

Mim and Brynna left yesterday. We are all very sad. It was so much fun for us, especially Emma, to have the company. Of course it's 80 degrees today and was a bit chilly last week.

We have a very busy week. 4th of July festivities on Wed. Our 5th yr. anniversary on the 5th. Nora also has her autism evaluation on Thurs. That should be interesting.

Have a good week and happy 4th!


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